Samsung Tesco is a representative company that is successfully enforcing ``sustainable management`` through creative, systematic corporate responsibility (CR). The concentration on CR is because of the fact that the modern society expects companies to do a role as a social citizen. For this reason, Samsung Tesco emphasizes that the cost of carrying on CR is an important factor in business which leads to a positive cycle in business, and accordingly is rather an investment than a cost. The reason why Samsung Tesco proclaimed its resolution to make best efforts on CR is because Samsung Tesco thinks CR is a necessary task and responsibility of a company. Samsung Tesco is doing various activities continuously, and is investing by increasing its costs on CR and systemizing the organization. Consequently, Samsung Tesco is being evaluated as the first and best innovative company in the distribution industry. This case study firstly shows the actual conditions of domestic companies in doing CR. Secondly, it analyzes how Samsung Tesco is carrying out the cultural, sharing, and environmental CR. And lastly, it gives some strategic points on successful CR.

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