The purpose of this study was to analyze the effects of explicit and implicit product warranties on consumers` attitudes toward the products, and particularly, the main effects of product types and level of manufacturers` business ethics on the relationship between warranty types and consumers` attitudes. For this purpose, relevant literature was reviewed and thereupon, a survey was conducted for an empirical analysis. As a result of empirically analyzing the relationship between warranty types and consumers` attitudes and the main effects of the product types (search goods vs. experience goods) and level of business ethics (high vs. low) on the relationship, it was found that consumers` attitudes toward the products were more positive when the product warranty was explicit than when it was implicit, and that such relationship was stronger for experience goods than for search goods one. And, the relationship was stronger when the level of business ethics perceived was lower. However, such moderating effects were not significant for consumers` attitudes, but significant for their purchasing intention.

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