Measuring the quality of city life (QCL) is important for city marketing given that QCL influences the city brand image and resident city relationship. Despite its importance, most previous measures of community well being were developed in the context of small towns, and limited attention has been given to a subjective measure of QCL in the context of a large city. This study develops and tests a subjective measure of quality of city life (QCL) in the context of a large metropolitan city. Quality of city life (QCL) refers to the degree of need satisfaction and feelings of happiness one experiences during the course of city life. The results from a survey of 507 residents from 25 major districts in Seoul indicate that the QCL measure has convergent and discriminate validity. The results also indicate that QCL has predictive validity in relation to satisfaction with city services, trust in the city government, word of mouth communication, and a sense of citizen pride. The managerial and policy implications of this study are discussed.

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