Companies are competing each other, and as the competitions became higher, consumer`s information processing for purchase became more complicated. Consumer confusion problem is getting more serious, but there are still not much considerations on this problem. The purpose of this study is to find out that the consumer confusion can causes consumer`s negative emotion(anger). This research studied the mediation effect of negative emotion on the relationship between consumer confusion, which was classified into three categories, and two consequences, word-of-mouth and trust. And also it concentrates on moderating effects of negative affectivity and intolerance of uncertainty in the relationship between consumer confusion and negative emotion. For the empirical study, we carried out a survey targeting consumers who live in the Dae-gu metropolitan area. The specific results of this study are as follows. First, all sub-dimensions of the consumer confusion had a positive effect on anger. Second, anger had a positive effect on word of mouth and on the other hand, anger had a negative effect on trust. Third, negative affectivity had a moderating effects on the links between overload and ambiguity confusion with anger, and intolerance of uncertainty only had a moderating effects on the links between overload confusion and anger.

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