In May 2012, the collaboration of Hana Bank, top financial service company, and SK Planet, top telecommunication service provider, introduced a new credit card that was filled with all-in-one benefits into the market. Leveraging strong infrastructure of two companies, each top in its own industries, the awareness and preference of ‘Club SK Card’ brand rapidly increased to about 25% in less than one year. Moreover, this new card was enthroned in the most sold credit card of year 2012, accounting for a market share of 7.2% in the credit card market and more than 80% in the mobile credit card market. To make these results possible, ‘Club SK Card’ marketing team developed an effective marketing communication strategy which followed the 6M model. The mission of the marketing communication strategy was simple and clear. It was to deliver the card`s inherent strengths on consumer benefits that come from the support of subsidiary and affiliated companies of SK Planet. According to OK Cashbag data, the marketing communication team selected the appropriate target consumers and approached them directly, inducing actual purchase behavior. The target consumers received straightforward messages about ‘Club SK Card’ and were led to join in the new membership at their most frequently visited supermarket or franchise restaurant. The straightforward communication message embedded in an eye-catching commercial ad with a hook song accompanied with a dance was delivered via public media. The ad became so popular that many other television programs quoted or made parodies of the ad. Courtesy of the commercial ad, the brand name disseminated rapidly and widely among the public. In October 2012, an ingenious planning and persistent implementation of the communication strategy results ‘Club SK Card’ to be ranked top in brand awareness as well as advertising preference tests.

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