The case study of OB shows dramatic market dynamics between leader brand vs. follower brand similar to Kirin vs. Asahi in Japan for two decades. Almost 20yrs ago, the brand status of OB was dramatically fallen because of the environmental pollution of subsidiary company and harsh competition of rivalry brand. But OB made a ground change in its brand strategy. OB departed from the pride in its past to bet on the new. OB decided to vitalize Cass brand through brand portfolio strategy. They deployed 3 phase articulated marketing plans; Phase I, Acquisition of Cass brand through M&A and strategic segmentation/targeting (1993- 2005), Phase 2-Mega Brand Strategy through Line Extension(2006-2009), Phase 3 - Experiential Marketing focused on Young Culture (2010- present). Finally, OB restored not only brand reputation of Cass and other brands but dominant market position in beer market. Now Cass has been growing rapidly in the last 20 years achieving 50% M/S. The three phases shows the typical successful process of brand management and revitalization adopting brand concept management and S-T-P strategy of manufacturing company.

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