With the development of Information Technology, customers require promptly higher quality products and services. Companies try to make newly digital marketing strategies, but there are no empirical researches on them. This article empirically presents a new perspective that companies can shape the customer decision journey ahead by coordinating customer experience. In this article, based on Elaborated Likelihood Model (ELM) theory, customer experience consists of the emotional or cognitive experience. We surveyed about 200 subjects (N = 217) in their 20s and 30s based on the International Music Industry Association"s Music Listening 2019 report, then analyzed four different models (before personalization-cognitive experience, before personalization-emotional experience, after personalization- cognitive experience, after personalization-emotional experience) by JASP and R Studio. We conducted Structural Equation Model (SEM) and paired t-test. Personalization factors are about recommendation systems in Spotify. The results of survey represent that companies can shape the Customer Decision Journey (CDJ) ahead especially through enhance cognitive experience. It empirically proves Elaborated Likelihood Model (ELM). The conclusion can be drawn that ‘pulling’ customer experience can be a new marketing strategies in the digital era.

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