In 2020, the unexpected pandemic scenario has led to a downfall of live concerts performances, after the government restriction for events and gatherings with a large number of people. The Korean-Pop (K-Pop) group BTS (Bangtan sonyeondan) also had their concert tour canceled in 2020. Therefore, the group came up with an innovative project to the music market, called “BangBangCon: The Live”, a live streaming paid concert held by the group, on June 14th, which achieved a Guinness World Record for most viewers during a paid music concert, in a live streaming format. It’s important, then, to study this event, and initiate a debate about alternative ideas for marketing strategies with live streaming music performances. The method to accomplish this research was desk research, analysing all the communication delivered from BTS, studying the website and platform where the event “BangBangCon: The Live"" was held, and researching about the results the event has achieved. The results were the description of the event as a project, informing how many people have attended the event, and what were the marketing strategies that made it possible to become the highest audience to a paid live streaming concert, until the moment this article was published.

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