The purpose of this study is to identify the organizational characteristics that enhance CRM performances of a company. Based on a review of diverse definitions of CRM performance, this study examines the relationships among CRM performance measures and organizational characteristics. A questionnaire survey of 123 CRM managers of Korean companies was conducted to test the proposed research model, and a series of structural equation modeling identified the strong effects of organizational characteristics on CRM performance. It was found that top management commitment to CRM and a firm`s strategic readiness lead to high levels of CRM investment, which, in turn, enhance directly task-related performance and indirectly customer-related performance. This study also confirmed that customer orientation is significantly related to task-related CRM performance and that the variables of CRM commitment and organizational culture may enhance customer- related performance indirectly through their effects on the task-related performance. However, organizational members` resistance to change was found to have no effects on CRM performance. Overall our research broadly supports the role of organizational characteristics revealed in the CRM literature.

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