Considerably many numbers of studies on country-of-origin(hereafter COO) effects have been presented in international business and marketing areas. Recent studies have been included the effects of COO of manufacture, parts, and design, as well as the effects of brand origin, reflected by the accelerating convergent manufacture circumstances and increasingly competitive environments. Moderating constructs such as knowledge of product category and involvement as individual variables, have been also introduced and researched in various angles. In addition, how the effects of COO occur as processes is also argued in previous studies. This research has attempted to explain business corporation`s strategic decisions on choosing a domain of its product manufacturing for several critical reasons, for cost reduction or better image. We displayed two constructs of brand and manufacture in a positive and negative country image group to reconfirm the existence of the effects of COO. Additionally, the effects of respondents` regulatory fit between their motivational focus and the contents of product messages, have been declared. Furthermore the respondents` motivational focus moderates the main effect of COO on product evaluations in a positive `made-in` combination, while, surprisingly, it does not statistically moderate in a negative, except attitude. Based on the results, implications and suggestions on how to plan and execute more effective marketing strategies regarding COO dimensions, especially COO of manufacture, are separately presented for each situations when it has already been determined and when it is to be.

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