Sang Hoon Kim


In the summer of 2008, the movie Dachimawa Lee: Villain, Get on the Express to Hell is waiting for its first release. This movie is based on a short film which was tremendously popular when it was first introduced on the internet in 2000, and the director Ryu Seung Wahn is expecting a mega hit of the movie this summer. Showbox is one of the leading movie distributors in Korea. After a series of blockbuster hits such as Welcome to Dongmakgol, The Host, and The Chaser, Showbox is now in stagnation. Along with sluggish economy in Korea, most of recent movies distributed by them didn`t even reach the break-even. However, expectation on the upcoming movie, Dachimawa Lee, is higher than ever. Marketing department of Showbox has to decide what kind of media channel to choose and which marketing strategy to apply. It needs to make a decision about whether to target the so-called mania group or the general public of much bigger size. In this case study, the distinctiveness of the movie marketing and its process will be discussed. Moreover, the marketing strategies for Dachimawa Lee`s success will be examined in the Showbox`s point of view.

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