Social responsibility which a corporation should be aware of is increasing as it plays a more important role in society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was taken by some huge entrepreneurs in the past. Conversely, CSR is prized one of important business activities for every corporate nowadays. Cause-related marketing draws particularly special attention among various CSRs, because it has a direct and positive effect on purchasing behavior.
Marketing activity of Amway Korea is an excellent example of the cause-related marketing in Korea. Mid 2000s, some multilevel marketing firms had evaded the law, customer had negative attitude towards Amway Korea. Amway Korea, however, has overcome the difficulties by causerelated marketing, which is called campaign for Nutrilite’s kid health.
Present case examines the cause-related marketing, which Amway Korea has been doing for 10 years. Especially, we investigate specific factors, which differentiated CSR of Amway Korea from one of other firms. Lastly, we discuss a future action for Amway Korea’s cause-related marketing and implications.

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