The objective of this case study is to analyze how effectively KIA SOUL, which is a leading Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) brand, has created a new market space through innovative product strategy. Up until now, most car manufacturers have focused only on the traditional product market segments missing out on the opportunity of the crossover segment market. KIA SOUL found a new market space by identifying the high crossover utility demand and filling the gap between the current product category values and the emerging crossover product category values. This case study illustrates that an innovative product strategy can be effectively employed to create a new market space in the saturated car manufacturing industry.
The case summarizes that the innovative product strategy of KIA SOUL is comprised of four primary pillars: design innovation, market frontier in CUV, the first company to launch customizing service brand-TUON, and functional innovation. The KIA SOUL case study provides valuable insights and implications for many other companies that are planning to find “blue oceans” for their own business.

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