In this research, through experiments, we show that incongruity of color between mediums has positive influence on brand attitude in terms of integrated management of brand. We also present that self-image congruence of `brand-consumer` has moderating effect on such influence of color incongruity. Mediums were limited to the ones that magnifying visual influence in order only to observe influence of color. With the same reason, visual factors other than color were coherently set or held constant and we chose brands with either low familarity or no previous knowledge. As a result, we find that brand attitude by the incongruity of color between mediums was higher compared to brand attitude by the congruence of color. In case with lower self-image congruence of brand-consumer we show higher change in attitude compared to the one with higher self-image congruence of brand-consumer. We believe our findings are interesting to note that brand may be enhanced by forming positive brand attitude through brand expression i.e., color of visual factors. In addition, we suggest that level of congruence and diversity of brand expression is in fact deeper or wider than that of brand manager`s intuition. We see that it is possible for studying brands the incongruity which has been studied as a strategy to reposition mature brands can be a way of improving the recognition on new brands.

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