Lotte Shopping Co. started its business from Lotte Department Store. From the beginning, Lotte Shopping Co. opened the largest department store and, since then, has expanded its business size through the processes of active developments of its own stores and merges and acquisitions of other companies. Currently, it operates a variety of retail shops such as department stores, discount stores, movies theaters, shopping malls, and supermarkets along with a TV home-shopping station and an online shopping mall. Lotte group, a business conglomerate Lotte Shopping belongs to, has an objective of becoming TOP 10 business group in Asia by 2018. Lotte group declared its vision statements in 2009 and has spent its effort to accomplish the goal. Lotte Shopping is implementing the group-level growth strategy through merges and acquisitions and diverse marketing programs. We will briefly investigate the current situation of Lotte Shopping and will then analyze its 1) entertainment shopping center and multi-channel strategy, 2) global market entry, and 3) education system.

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