In case of Aju capital, it adopted a strategy to use a single brand not two separate brands after M&A was completed. In order to implement this strategy, it has endeavored to effectively process the work of shifting existing marketing infrastructure of DAEWOO capital, the mergee, spending enough transition time for the brand migration. In the process of merging, Aju capital picked the strategy to use the brand of mergee first, which is the Daewoo Capital brand, and then took a transition time for a while to converge to the single brand of Aju capital. Putting another way, even if the M&A deal was completed back in 2005, it maximized the effect of launching its final brand "Aju capital" by capitalizing on the positive image of "Daewoo" during the transition time and changing its name just in the right moment. In a bid to implement this strategy successfully, it established a cautious but sophisticated brand migration strategy. 1) "Brand bridge" strategy through reinforcing brand power of "Naegeron", which is an individual product brand of Daewoo Capital 2) Establishing a good brand image through reinforcing customer satisfaction 3) It implemented and completed its brand transition initiative by going through the step of Aju Capital brand unification (from Sept 09 to present) Currently, the sales unit of Aju Capital is realizing quality growth through specialization. It`s strategy is to construct a systematic sales portfolio in terms of both quality and quantity through product-by-product specialization where the existing practice was selling a variety of products in a single branch. Back in 2009, it opened a branch that specialize in imported cars and expanded its used car business to 6 specialized locations. Besides, the specialized locations for personal loan named "Naegeron" was expanded from 3 to 11 locations. Recently, it is expected that it will inject vigor to retail and corporate financing business alongside with its core business, which is auto financing.

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