The previous studies found the importance of market orientation (MO), learning orientation (LO), and marketing capabilities (MC) in driving firm performance (FP), but respectively. This research attempted to integrate the rather separate research streams of MO, LO, and MC in explaining FP. How MO and LO, as two critical constructs of organizations` cultural values, affect FP was examined with the mediating role of MC (composed of marketing planning capability (MPC) and marketing implementation capability (MIC)). Specifically, we derived specific conceptualizations on the effects of LO on FP through MO, MPC, and MIC as well as the effect of MO on FP through MPC. Accordingly, we empirically tested a process of how LO, MO, and MC translate into FP, using survey data of 146 respondents from Korean companies. The results successfully supported our model. It is worth noting not only that LO and MO are found to have synergistic effects on FP through MC but also that LO fosters MO. The relevant implications of our findings are presented with limitations and further research directions.

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