This case illustrates a story of passionate and innovative new market development by Pulmuone, a fresh food provider in Korea. The company has been successfully developing a new market by introducing a (non-frying) fresh ramen, ``Jayeonun Masitda - The Nature Is Tasty`` in the packaged ramen market dominated by fried ones. In this case, a detailed new market development process by Pulmuone will be investigated including; company overview, a new product development process, marketing strategy formulation, marketing mix implementation, market performance, and future directions. Pulmuone has been making efforts to create a new product category by marketing non-frying ramens since 1995, but with a modest success. In 2011, Pulmuone finally succeeded to develop an innovative product, ``Jayeonun Masitda`` that brought more health and nutrition conscious consumers` attention in the ramen market. The company intended to change the current competitive structure in the ramen market, i.e., from the strength of taste and the amount of ingredient to fried/non-fried and the freshness of ingredient. By this new positioning, Pulmuone aimed to reshaping the ramen market into competition between healthy and unhealthy ramens. Pulmuone has been successful in developing a new market. Sales revenue of ``Jayeonun Masitda`` has been continuously increasing, and customers are found to be highly satisfied with the product resulting in a high repeat purchase rate. The company`s successful new market development can be attributed to a faithful new product development process, innovative technology, an appropriate positioning strategy, and consistent marketing communication. In addition, Pulmuone`s eco-friendly corporate image and the organization`s passion to grow are also important factors for success of this new market development.

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