Social commerce is a more recent phenomenon and growing in number and size with the diffusion of social networking services. But it has not been studied as extensively. The purpose of this study is to investigate consumers` social commerce usage intention empirically. Using the theory of reasoned action suggested by Fishbein and Ajzen(1975), this study tests that perceived value created by social commerce affects social commerce usage intention. In this study, authors e identify to the conception of perceived value as a multidimensional construct, economic, psychology, and time value. This study is to analyze the effects of the value perceived by the consumer on attitude toward social commerce and the effects of the attitude and subjective norm on social commerce usage intention. Additionally, we examine the moderating role of coupon redemption effort in the relationship between attitude toward social commerce and usage intention. In order to evaluative the validity of the model, 258 questionnaires were collected from college students who frequently use SNS and accept new trend and technology using internet survey. All the instrument items used in this study were adapted from previous research and the data were analyzed using SPSS 18 and AMOS 7. This study proposed several hypotheses and conducted an experiment to test these hypotheses. Based on the data analysis results, it was found that economic and psychology value has significant effects on attitude toward the social commerce but time value had not the effect on attitude toward the social commerce. And the present study has also shown that both attitude toward the social commerce and subjective norm significantly influenced usage intention. This finding suggests that the theory of reasoned action effectively explains the social commerce usage intention. The result regarding the moderating effect of the coupon redemption effort has shown that the attitude toward social commerce and usage intention is moderated by consumer perception about coupon redemption.

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