Established in May 2005, INNOCEAN Worldwide started as an affiliate marketing and communications company of the Hyundai Motor Group and grew into a top agency ranked no. 2 in the South Korean market within seven years. Currently, INNOCEAN Worldwide has become a global company, operating in sixteen countries through four regional headquarters, fifteen overseas subsidiaries, and seven branch offices with more than 1,100 employees. The company holds top clients from finance, electronics, telecommunications, food, retail, education and other various industries. The accomplishment of INNOCEAN Worldwide can be summarized by the following five key factors. The first factor is INNOCEAN Worldwide`s strong and enduring passion and commitment to enter the global market and to build and strengthen its global network. The second factor is achieving successful localization through recruiting talented employees for its overseas branches directly from the local workforce, which enables the company to overcome language barriers, cultural differences, and creative gaps among different regional markets. Third is the company`s effective implementation of the ‘Global Resource Remix’ strategy, which incorporates the distinctive competencies of each overseas operation as a global company standard. Fourth is the creation of the ‘Discover System,’ a global knowledge management system enabling overseas offices worldwide to share each other`s accumulated knowledge and experiences. The fifth factor is the successful establishment of INNOCEAN Worldwide`s unique Total Marketing Solution Service. Through this service, the company has offered integrated consulting services for strategic brand management to solve various marketing problems. In summary, the passion and commitment of INNOCEAN Worldwide`s top management for the company`s globalization and the supporting system that enables such commitment have made it possible for the company to take a global leap and become not merely a company with global operations but a truly global company.

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