KB Kookmin Card has separated as an independent corporation from KB Kookmin Bank Credit Card Business Group on March, 2011. Ever since, KB Kookmin Card worked to build its own brand identity. The strategic preparation and conscientious implementations made KB Kookmin Card position in consumer`s mind with a strong and unique brand image. Its new brand image was rooted in the inherited strengths of reliable and sincere image. However, it faced the challenge to compete in credit card industry in which most competitors had an advanced and sophisticated image. The strengths of KB Kookmin Card were also at the same time their limitations. KB Kookmin Card took a strategy that strengthened the strengths and improved the weaknesses. It focused on the core competence of being a people`s sincere life supporter that helps people make savings from everyday events to make a good sum rather than being a lump sum benefit. The brand introduction strategy was implemented in 2011. The implementation focused on the activities that made internal as well as external customers be aware of the brand. Communication programs using a variety of media were executed to attain this goal. In 2012, second phase communication programs were introduced to elaborate the newly established brand image. It introduced many extended products as well as accessory programs which targeted the segments. Also, various CSR activities in many social domains helped consumers and the public to consider KB Kookmin Card an authentic, caring, trustworthy, and consistently-developing supporter in their everyday lives.

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