The main goal of this study is to examine the competition intensity in the Korean bakery franchise industry and to identify the core competencies of the industry`s leading company, Paris Baguette. The frameworks of PEST analysis, Cross Impact analysis, a Five Forces Model, a Value Chain, and VRIO analysis. PEST and Cross Impact analysis were employed to investigate the industry`s external environment, and the results indicated that ‘increased attention on corporate`s Creating Shared Value (CSV) activities’ is the most influential factor among others. The analysis using the Five Forces Model found industry rivalry and substitutes were the greatest threats. Finally, the results of Value Chain and VRIO analysis identified four core competencies of Paris Baguette: its CEO`s craftsmanship, e-procurement system, quality of dormant dough, and hub system. Multiple managerial implications are suggested for practitioners in the marketing area, especially in the saturated market environment.

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