The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of the locomotion orientation on salespeople` sales performance with the mediating effect of selling behavior(adaptive selling behavior, SOCO). And we figure out the relationship between customer-oriented selling behavior and adaptive selling behavior because those relationships are not clear. The authors infer research hypotheses based on literature review. We have confirmed the reliability and validity test and those results can be acceptable. Hypotheses test were conducted with structural equation modeling, AMOS. All paths in the research model reasoned by authors have been supported statistically at the significant level. This study with the theoretical implications is as follows. First, this study is the first attempt to investigate the path between locomotion orientation and adaptive selling behavior and SOCO. Secondly, there is an empirical conflict between our study and Franke and Park(2006)`s study. Our study was contradictory to Franke and Park(2006)`s consequences. And so, figuring out clearly those causal paths remains. This study with practical implications are as follows. First of all, the salespeople` selling performance was affected by adaptive selling behavior, customer- oriented selling behavior, and sales-oriented activities, such as the importance of selling behavior once again proven. It is necessary to enhance the capabilities that can be transformed into action appropriate to the needs of customers each sales step-by-step in the process of salespeople for various system through education and incentives, and to interact with customers and understand their customers relative to salespeople will. In order to enhance adaptive selling behavior, the company needs to do educational program and monitoring system with the positional promotion when salespeople get the high adaptive selling behavior. Secondly, the locomotion orientation of the salespeople is to cause this selling behavior. Management style to increase locomotion orientation is needed, which means, salespeople` superior about something should be conducted. In order to stimulate the selling behavior of the salespeople, most supervisors should use some managerial tools such as feedback, engagement, and rewards.

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