The earlier studies have verified that brand values have significant impact on financial values such as stock return and stock price to justify marketing costs for brand building. Except for Mizik and Jacobson (2008), however, little research has addressed what kinds of brand components composing brand values have a significant relationship with financial values. As a follow-up research of Mizik and Jacobson (2008), this research focuses on what kinds of relationships exist between the unanticipated change of each brand asset component and stock return, one of the financial values. The authors selected six brand asset components from the Korea-Brand Power Index(K-BPI) data in which ``Top of Mind,`` ``Unaided Awareness,`` and ``Aided Awareness`` are brand awareness measures and ``Image,`` ``Purchase Intention,`` and ``Preference`` are brand loyalty measures. Out of those six brand components, they found that unanticipated changes of ``Top of Mind,`` ``Unaided Awareness,`` ``Image,`` and ``Preference`` have significantly positive effect on unexpected stock return change. Therefore, they conclude that these four brand asset components provide incremental information in explaining unanticipated stock return

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