Many oil refinery companies have been proactively carried out marketing activities to survive in highly intensified service station industry. In 2012, SK Energy ranked number one in three customer satisfaction surveys (NCSI, KCSI, and KS-SQI). SK Energy``s success is in its differentiated customer satisfaction business strategy. SK Energy has been implementing various marketing activities. As a part of the activities, it issued an affinity credit card with on spot discount privilege for the first time in the oil refinery industry. SK Energy also issued EnClean bonus card for OK Cashbag points that can be used for discounts at the service stations. On top of all, SK Energy generated point value-up with ``3K Exclusive Privilege`` program. In addition, team ``CS 119`` was formed to noticeably improve the service. ``CS 119`` visited each service station, diagnosed its CS service level then provided customized field training for improvement. Long-term implementation of ``ACE Program``, a field-base CS monitoring system, regularly checked customer satisfaction level. ``ACE Program`` has significantly contributed improving SK Service Station``s service quality and customer satisfaction. This case reviews customer satisfaction marketing activities SK Energy carried out. The focus is on distinctive factors that distinguish SK Energy``s customer satisfaction marketing activities from competitors.

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