The automotive industry plays a significant role in the global economy. One of the reasons is that this industry compasses every aspects of the value chain ? from raw materials to design and development, manufacturing, sales and services, and even disposal. Thus, the industry needs significant upfront capital investment and requires years of R&D and market development. As a result, this industry is dominated by a handful of global players and it is not easy for a new entrant to enter this industry. Furthermore, success is even more difficult to achieve. How did Hyundai Motor make it in this tough marketplace? Can it continue against all odds. The CAGR for last 5 years is 12% and it stands at 6th in the world. Compared to other global brands, Hyundai has geographically well-balanced sales portfolio. The quality improvement is outstanding. The brand performance follows these quality and sales improvements. Yet, the global competition is ever intensifying. Now, it is the time to step up once more. The next strategic goal needs fundamental shift toward brand and marketing-focus. In constructing global marketing strategy, Hyundai Motor``s vision is "Lifetime partner in mobility and beyond" and its goal is global top 3 brand by year 2015 through modern premium brand image and selling 5 million vehicles. The target brand positioning of Hyundai Motor is the leading position in premium dimension and stylish/modern dimension. The global brand strategy framework is based on the brand direction of "Modern Premium" and is designed to deliver core brand identity (i.e., Simple, Creative, Caring) to customers. In order to manage brand performance, Hyundai``s marketing platform also includes marketing performance management, brand performance management, and market driven organization. From this diagnosis, Hyundai Motor is well posed to build a strong brand. Nevertheless, there are still challenges ahead from consumer, technology, competitor, and macro-environment perspectives. To overcome these threats, the bases of competition for all successful automotive brands are various differentiation factors, including technology, performance, value proposition, or heritage. Hyundai Motor is well prepared so far. However, it is not tested against time yet whether Hyundai can overcome these unforeseeable major threats. Hyundai is trying to find the solution from a strong brand, while believing in "New Thinking. New Possibilities."

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