Parkland, which is one of the pioneer brands in men’s fashion in Korea, specifically suits, has recently undertaken bold brand repositioning activities to respond to the fast-changing environment and to overcome limitations in its current image positioning. As a result, in a short time period, Parkland achieved remarkable marketing and communication success. This case study explains how Parkland drew successful brand repositioning from the fierce fashion market.
This study systematically analyzes the brand repositioning strategy process and implementation strategy used to resolve the conceptual and structural issues of Parkland as a mature brand. To this end, this study assesses Parkland’s brand strategy focusing on brand environment and positioning. Accordingly, the study analyzes the target concept and basic direction of the brand repositioning in terms of the repositioning strategy process, and from an integrated marketing perspective, examines the specific implementation program for repositioning. Finally, the study addresses the outcomes of brand repositioning efforts as well as steps to be taken in the future.

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