Learning organization has been an important issue in both management and marketing areas. Also learning capability is a key construct of innovation process in a firm. Especially, in marketing context, several researchers have studied market-based learning and its relation with performance. Previous studies have shown that market-based learning has a positive impact on overall firm performance. However, there has been inconsistency in the concept of market-based learning itself and its relationships with antecedents and consequences. Given this conflicting and inconsistent results of previous research, this study has two main objectives. First, this paper proposed a conceptual framework that marketbased learning has two types of processes and each types of market-based learning will generate different types of performance. Second, the mediating role of marketing capability in learning-performance link is proposed. The proposed conceptual framework shows that organizations which have marketbased learning for innovation management can enjoy ambidextrous firm performance on both side of effectiveness and efficiency via marketing capability. Moreover our research model proposes key drivers of market based organizational learning.

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