Sang Uk Jung


Despite the well-known predictive power of Dirichlet model on customer loyalty, deviations of share of category requirement (SCR) predicted by Dirichlet model from actual SCR have been repeatedly reported. It has been shown that these deviations can be systematically explained by some factors such as brand’s market share, product positioning strategy, purchase volume and retail marketing mix strategies. Presuming that brand equity would be additional sources of these deviations, current study assesses the incremental predictive power of brand equity by using over 4,000 brand-level observations for the consumer packaged goods industry in the U.S. Our model estimations indicate that brands that exhibit higher brand equity enjoy excess loyalty, with the primary driver being volume premium, rather than price premium. Overall, our findings support the notion that idiosyncratic brand properties can explain excess behavioral loyalty, a notion that is in stark contrast with the Dirichlet view of the world: brand equity does not exist.

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