Jaihak Chung


The lack of international research networks in Asia has been a major barrier in bridging scattered Asian academic societies. As a result, most researchers in Asia are not familiar with which journals they can access for their research, nor where they can submit their valuable research manuscripts. Asian Marketing Journal (AMJ) and the International Conference of Asian Marketing Associations (ICAMA), both of which are managed by Asian scholars for Asian scholars, are expected to take on such roles to make a significant contribution to Asian academic societies by encouraging them to study and share research topics that are more relevant and helpful to Asian market studies that come from an Asian researcher’s perspective. This study aims to acknowledge and explain the successful settlement of the International Conference of Asian Marketing Associations (ICAMA) and its representative journal, Asia Marketing Journal (AMJ), by discussing how ICAMA and AMJ were created, why they are necessary to Asian researchers, and what goals they hope to achieve. Another, arguably more important objective of this study is to provide Asian researchers with information on what topics Asian academia has been researching since 2000, and guide researchers as to which journals in Asian academia can publish their marketing research papers.

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