Jaihak Chung


This study introduces research trends in Asia by analyzing the publications of scholars in major universities in Asia, which can provide Asian researchers with what topics Asian researchers have been conducting the last six years. In addition, this study provides information on who have been active in research with the list of top one hunred scholars according to their H index scores.
For this analysis, we have collected academic publications of all the professors in major universities from twelve Asian countries, analyzed what topics they have been studying along with which topics are most popular by country and geographical area, evaluated scholars’ academic performances in terms of their impacts on academic society, and finally selected the top one hunred scholars among them.
This study makes some unique contributions to the academic societies in Asia at least in two ways. Firstly, this study provides Asian researchers with information on what Asian researchers have been studying for the last six years, which is expected to help Asian researchers to understand research trends in Asia. Secondly, this study introduces who has been active in academic research in what countries or universities in Asia, which has never been addressed in the academic societies in Asia. This study hopefully generates some positive competition among Asian scholars and acknowledges their contribution to academic societies.

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