Little research on sensory study has been conducted from a marketing perspective and most of sensory studies have been done from a science perspective. Thus, this study examined wine sensory perceptions in the consumers’ minds, which is how wine consumers associate grape variety Shiraz/Syrah by the three different region of origins with specific sensory images. Total 234 questionnaires were collected from online wine community members at restaurants in Korea. The main results show that the most two shared sensory images of Shiraz/ Syrah were ‘Dry’ and ‘Fruity’ across the three region of origins. For Barossa Shiraz, the unique images were mainly found in Aroma image category such as ‘Chocolate’, ‘Prune’, whereas for Rhone Syrah, the unique images were mainly revealed in Overall image category e.g. ‘Deep’, ‘Fascinating’. Additionally, this study confirmed that Maipo Valley is not recognizable region of origin of Shiraz/ Syrah. This study employed a free choice, Pick Any and conducted correspondence analysis to find out the degree of associations of sensory images and each region of origin.

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