Our study is trying to investigate the perceived training effectiveness by applying the theory of planned behavior (TPB) and Technological Acceptance Model (TAM) and intend to examine the effects of individual differences on perceived training effectiveness and performance of individuals. The main purpose is to evaluate the perceived training effectiveness, and role of individual differences in terms of learning.
The results of this study supported all the hypothesis that participants with higher level of creative self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation, creativity and emotional intelligence (EI) will have greater inclinations to learn. Results showed that perceive training effectiveness is positively related to training transfer and training transfer increase the performance of individuals.
Study results significantly agree with the theory of planned behavior (TPB) which was applied to measure the perceived training effectiveness and suggest trainee’s perception of usefulness, ease and benefits enhance learning dimensions of participants that make any program effective. The study has highlighted a number of issues that influence the perceived training effectiveness.

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