The objective of this study is to find the effects of consumer values on eco-friendly buying behavior. This study examines environmental attitudes and involvement as moderating variables to explain eco-friendly buying behavior of consumers. Hypotheses were developed based on Focus Group Interviews, Depth Interviews, and literature reviews. To test such hypotheses, questionnaires were distributed and collected among female adults aged 18 or above, and who are either office workers or housewives.
The analysis results show that personal values, sociocultural values, and values related to ecofriendly products affect consumers in their eco-friendly buying behavior. Among those values, concern about safety and health, eco-friendly culture and trend, willingness to pay price premiums and functional effects of eco-friendly products have significant effects on eco-friendly buying behavior. Reflecting these results, business marketers must appeal to consumers with more focus on safety and health, perceived consumer effectiveness, self-monitoring, eco-friendly culture and trend, media exposure, willingness to pay price premiums, design excellence and functional effects, to implement marketing communication strategies accordingly.

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