Dongwon Systems established in 1977 to exclusively supply Dongwon tuna cans, the parent company. Instead of its stable management and profits by relying on the parent company, the company was not complacent and started innovating and challenging new markets. Dongwon Systems decided to expand the business area and pioneer new markets so that it becomes the first domestic company to successfully expand into independent businesses other than parent company products. Such success of Dongwon Systems was driven by its differentiated B2B strategies. Unlike the characteristics of usual B2B companies, Dongwon Systems has been thinking both of its client companies and end-consumers. In this case-study, we will explore how Dongwon Systems became the No.1 packaging solution company in Korea through technology innovation in the aspects of unique B2B marketing strategy. The key success factor can be summarized in three ways; product and technology development with customer centric mind-set, systematically extending new markets through business diversification, and marking Southeast Asia as a bridgehead for its global strategy. It is expected that the current case study of Dongwon Systems will be able to provide implications for B2C companies as well as B2B companies that try to expand their business portfolio and global business areas through B2B marketing case analysis.

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