A decade has passed since the first generation of Genesis was launched in the U.S. with the plaque of Hyundai-Genesis. Genesis Motors was separated from Hyundai Motor in 2015, and has struggled to have the Genesis stand alone in the competitive U.S. luxury sedan market. The present case study aims to find challenges facing the Genesis, which Hyundai has positioned as a luxury sedan competing against conventional luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus; evaluate Genesis Motors’ strategic response to meet these challenges; and explore an alternative positioning strategy. Specifically, the present case study addresses barriers against the Genesis’ market performance, by focusing on the obstacles rooted in the consumer perception as well as the obstacles that stem from the change in the U.S. automobile industry and the nascent network of the Genesis dealership. Genesis Motors’ current strategies are evaluated, and an alternative strategy is explored that is largely based on the American consumers’ perceptions of the Genesis vis-à-vis conventional luxury brands and outperforming midsize brands.

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