Branding strategy is important in the hyper-competitive luxury industry. In digitalized market environments, it is critical for luxury brands to transfer their established brand equity from the offline market to the online market. The purpose of this study is to examine the causal relationships between offline brand equity (i.e., brand awareness, brand image, and perceived quality)toward online consumer responses, including satisfaction and loyalty, in the context of luxury brands. In addition, this study investigates the moderating effects of offline brand trust on the relationship between offline brand equity and online satisfaction and loyalty. Data was collected via online surveys. For empirical validation of the proposed hypotheses, a structural equation modeling technique was employed. The results show that offline luxury brand awareness, brand image, and perceived quality have a positive effect on consumers’ online satisfaction. Also, offline brand image has a positive effect on online consumer loyalty. The results indicate that there is a significant moderating effect of offline brand trust on the relationship between brand image and e-loyalty. The results of the present study provide implications for luxury brand managers and retailers to develop effective online sales strategies.

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