The Bass model assumes two communication channels: mass-media and word-of-mouth. In this paper, we call the mass-media Type Ⅰ channel of communications. The word-of-mouth channel means interaction between non-adopters and adopters. Let us call it Type Ⅱ channel of communications. In the real world, however, the non-adopters who are not aware of the innovation can be affected by communications with other non-adopters who are aware of it. Let us call it Type Ⅲ channel of communications to differentiate with Type Ⅱ channel. This paper analyzes the impact of Type Ⅲ channel on diffusion process. The result shows that exponential growth patterns (for example, the adoption patterns of the blockbuster movies) can be observed when non-adopters are influenced by other non-adopters who aware of the innovation.

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