It is frequently observed that consumers` behavior and performance in their weight control are greatly affected by the degree of self-control by the consumers themselves. In other words, effective weight control behavior is only possible when the consumers invest a substantial amount of endeavors and self-control. The present study empirically investigated the effect of the self-image congruence and subjective norm formed by self- concept reflected in weight control behavior on weight control attitude formation, actual behavior, and performance. For more in-depth research, rather than simply showing differences in performance based on self-control, the present study divided the subjects into high and low self-control groups for a comparative purpose. Based on empirical research employing general consumers and those who were engaged in an actual weight loss program at professional weight control centers as subjects, the study found the following results: First, for both high and low self-control groups, self-image congruence significantly affected attitude toward weight control, but not the actual weight control behavior. The results indicate that in weight control, the actual behavior must be preceded by the attitude. Second, subjective norm directly affected both attitude toward weight control, and behavior for the low self-control group while it affected the behavior only for the high self-control group. The results show that the lower self-control is, the more powerful the effect of referents is. Third, weight control attitude positively affected weight control behavior only for the high self-control group. Fourth, weight control behavior significantly affected the performance for both high and low self-control groups. Compared to the low group, the high self-control group showed more powerful effect of behavior, suggesting the crucial role of self-control in successful weight control. The results also imply that the role of referents is relatively more important for the low self-control group.

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