Inje University, a nonprofit-oriented educational institution, was ranked second in the nation and first in all the local universities in the 2001 Comprehensive Evaluation of the Universities in 25 years since it was founded. In order to find out the reason for this high reputation, we had an interview with the chairman and an in-depth interview with other school authorities, interviewed the students and the residents in the community, and collected related data for the second time. We revealed that Inje University had been performing public marketing in the areas of its management philosophy, function, form, and performance. Our interview with the chairman confirmed that Inje University`s management philosophy is the frontier spirits that ``contribute to the moor, attracting nobody`s attention, in the name of public interest.`` It was also revealed that this management philosophy made the function of the university differ from that of the others. Inje University had been focusing on forming a public network for its community, the nation, and the world, not just for its students. Furthermore, we also found out that the university had its unique separate organizations to take care of this business. An excellent on-campus network for the student and the school, a network between off-campus industries, and an international Inje exchange network had been formed. We have concluded that Inje University is a strong nonprofit-oriented hidden champion. The healing art, easily ignored but essential to human beings, and its commitment to education with all its property invested have contributed to Inje University`s social status, reputation, and achievements today.

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