This case study explores various marketing strategies of Grundfos Pumps Korea Inc. that has become a front-runner in the industrial pump market of Korea as the enterprise that got into the business later. Grundfos Group, a multinational company with its head office in Denmark, has acknowledged diversity of each country and has granted its subsidiary companies with discretionary power so that they can establish marketing strategies suitable for the market they were competing in. Grundfos Pumps Korea has been very successful in its localization and differentiation of marketing strategies. First, Grundfos Pumps Korea achieved the trust of their customers by its high quality and consistent pricing strategies and has expanded its market very successfully with continuous product innovation and new product ideas. Second, it increased its brand awareness and recognition by brand differentiation along with the product differentiation strategy, which is exceptional in industrial market. It has conducted creative marketing activities and strategies to build brand equity and successful customer relationship management.

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